Kontihene’s Career In Music Industry Dead Now

kontiheneKwawKese who is a renowned Ghanian rapper has talked about the dying career of Kontihene and advised him to focus on himself and his music rather than performing the acts involving him to gain publicity. A recent interview on Hitz FM with Amanda Jissih said that kontihene is no more alive in his music career and he doesn’t want to waste his time talking about him. He also added that he will not allow anyone or give anyone a chance to ride on his reputation to revive their career; he also talked about singer Krohinkro that Kontihene does not fix anywhere in the Ghana music nowadays, it was ten years before when he was in the music scene and now he wants his come back and wants to use me to resurrect his dead career but I want to say that Kontihene is no more.

He talked about himself that he is busy in his performances for so many days and he is the major part of the Ghana music these days and do not want Kontihene to use him to revive his dead career once again and request Konithene to remain where he has been now.

KwawKese is world famous andeveryone knows that he is still doing the big shows and as contrary nobody knows about Kontihene and he should stop using me to revive his career.

On the other hand Kontihene said about Kwawkese in his recent interview that he does not record songs with the content so he does not want any alliance with him.a