Kontihene’s Career In Music Industry Dead Now

kontiheneKwawKese who is a renowned Ghanian rapper has talked about the dying career of Kontihene and advised him to focus on himself and his music rather than performing the acts involving him to gain publicity. A recent interview on Hitz FM with Amanda Jissih said that kontihene is no more alive in his music career and he doesn’t want to waste his time talking about him. He also added that he will not allow anyone or give anyone a chance to ride on his reputation to revive their career; he also talked about singer Krohinkro that Kontihene does not fix anywhere in the Ghana music nowadays, it was ten years before when he was in the music scene and now he wants his come back and wants to use me to resurrect his dead career but I want to say that Kontihene is no more.

He talked about himself that he is busy in his performances for so many days and he is the major part of the Ghana music these days and do not want Kontihene to use him to revive his dead career once again and request Konithene to remain where he has been now.

KwawKese is world famous andeveryone knows that he is still doing the big shows and as contrary nobody knows about Kontihene and he should stop using me to revive his career.

On the other hand Kontihene said about Kwawkese in his recent interview that he does not record songs with the content so he does not want any alliance with him.a

Jennifer’s Song Printable Sheet Music

Jennifer’s song printable sheet music is a huge collection of song notes and details. Lots of musicians use these notes form the printable sheets of music which can be taken and used differently.


There are many people who think that they can handle things out in such a way that they use help from the different sheets in such a way that the music produced is nice and beautiful and soothing to the soul. These music sheets are useful and manageable from the different points that are long term and are used for different church goers on different occasions. On every Sunday these songs are sing in the choir of different churches all over the world while the rest of the special hymns are sung over Christmas. All these hymns are preserved by the notes made by Jennifer in the form of Jennifer’s song printable sheet music. To get a better look at the details of the music notes one can easily print these notes using a printer. The printers are attached with laptops and other devices and searching the internet one can easily find the different songs. Best way of preserving music is through these printable sheets which can help generations to know what was sung decades back.

Blank Printable Sheet Music


Blank printable sheet music is needed for all those who work or manage with music. Musicians find it easy to write music on blank music sheets as they are clear and easily readable. The music icons are also easily readable due to the line spacing done on these sheets. The size of each sheet is A4 and it has around eight lines on each side. Each line is four lines with a music icon on the beginning of it. One side on each sheet is used while the other is completely plain. These sheets are placed on music stands in front of the musicians so that they can follow them and the band can play according to the beat of the music of the song. The composer makes sure that the composition of the music is done on this blank printable sheet music which is distributed among the band of players to be followed according to the tune.

These sheets are not available at every book store rather they have to be picked and taken from special stores where music is sold for a special personnel and professional musicians.

Musicians keep these printable sheets of music with them as they need to compose tunes and have them noted on that time.

Blank Music Sheet Printable

The blank music sheet printable is a nice option for all those who need to compose their music. Most musicians place these printable music sheets right in their printers so that they can note down the tune as soon as they get the idea of it. These printable sheets are a blessing for all those people who work in music and need to compose tunes on daily bases. It is a good idea to have things planned out in such a way that things are ready and can be printed at the time of need.

Blank Staff

The best thing about these sheets is that they are completely blank on the back side and on the front there are four lined rows. Each row has a music icon on its left hand corner which gives the details regarding the first and second line of each stanza. The music composition can be printed out immediately and distributed at the time of need. Nothing is spent on the printing of these music sheets and it is very important that each musician has these music sheets well in stock so that there is no problem when composition of music is being done for a better cause.